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Zhen is a Drawer and Performance Drawer exploring perception and the way drawing effects memory/identity.

Zhen's work explores; perceptual drawing; the archival process of storing visual information in human memory and aspects of photographic and digital technology. The relationships between these elements are expressed in her work through an exploration of charcoal, pencil and pen drawings, video recordings of her drawing processes and interactive tablet animations.

Perceptual drawing can perhaps be best described as the process of drawing from an outwardly perceived phenomena, not only drawing this subject but as well the changes in perception that arise through this act of drawing.

The archival process stimulated by perceptual drawing is examined with particular insights gained from recent neuroscientific research, which suggests that it is one through which we create our own identities and that such activity fundamentally changes our neurological composition.

Zhen's work explores the archival process stimulated by perceptual drawing through the questioning of perceptions of experience, time, place, self, but most fundamentally, of memory.